Dinner in a Box

About us 

We are two local entrepeneurs whom have lived most of their lives on Bonaire. We have both been away for a period but have realized that Bonaire is not only paradise but also home to us. 

How western world spoils you


After Leaving Bonaire and living  10 years in Holland I kind of got used to the ease of using technology. It doesn't really matter what your lifestyle is their will always be the right solution for you. Well I was working 32 hours a week, being a husband, being a daddy, being a friend and playing 4 different sports at the same time. For me it really ment time is money as every second was precious to me. For me it was really handy to have a smartphone and keep my whole life on track. My favorite application was a food delivery service application, I used to order my food online and let it be delivered. It even got so far that i was ordering food from my favorite restaurant 5 minutes away, then you really know your spoiled. 

This is how we came with the idea to start Dinner in a Box. Our mission is bring the hard working people of Bonaire their food after a hard day of work so they can keep enjoying the important things in life. 

Waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost a part of your life.
— Michael LeBoeuf